Impromptu Thoughts #1

A list of things in my mind that I needed to share.

  1. I’m gonna have a bad night out on my bed now and then again lol. This was a sentence made by only pressing the middle button on my phone.
  2. I started applying for jobs again now that I have a set schedule. The goal is to spend 4 days in Virginia and 3 near Boston in mid January. The flights are relatively cheap which makes me excited, but I still need go gather funds. I started thinking of things to sell but ever since I moved, I don’t have much.
  3. I really wish bugs were not attracted to my skin, because I’m tired to scratching everywhere in the summer.
  4. I finally got my dang car fixed. $500 that could have been used for my trip went to my car.
  5. I’m having increasingly deep conversations with someone I like and I cannot muster up the courage to ask what everything means. Maybe it means nothing. Maybe it’s me hoping finally he sees my potential. Too bad he’s too late.

    I told you guys he did say “please no.”
  6. I’ve been eating like shit the past few days and I’m stressing because I want to look amazing for my trip and I’m tired of the doctors being faux disappointed in me.
  7. I wish that more people would text me. It makes me feel less lonely.
  8. I have to keep reminding myself that sexuality is fluid and to ask genders and that’s not a good thing.
  9. I’m writing a short story about growing up mixed in a neighborhood that didn’t care that I was. Should be a boring read.
  10. I can barely keep my eyes open.
    I hope my car lives long and prospers

    Recorded September 14th, 2017 at 2:25AM

Impromptu Thoughts #1

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